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I am 58 years old and had begun to be self-conscious about my yellowing teeth. After just one 15 minute whitening treatment my teeth are 6 shades whiter. Thank you!

James - Chandler, Arizona

I'm a stay at home mom and when I get to splurge I'm super selective on where my money goes. I've always wanted my teeth professionally whitened as I have tried many over-the-counter whitening products like Crest White Strips and others just not getting the results I hoped for. For less than a $100 bucks I gave this a shot and WOW! Where has this whitening treatment been for so many years.

Amy - Chandler, Arizona

As a single guy I was always self-conscious about my smile. When my wife saw the results she was shocked. Maybe if I had my teeth whitened before she would have married me sooner. Seriously, their teeth whitening treatments are great and comfortable.

Adam - Gilbert, Arizona

I have always wanted to have my teeth whitened but with a young family I just could not justify the $600 my dentist charges. But this worked for my family budget and my teeth look terrific!

Molly - Gilbert, Arizona

I didn’t know my teeth were not as white as when I was in high school, but I can see a recognizable difference after visiting….and my wife loves it!

Jeremiah - Queen Creek, Arizona

Image and Hygiene are crucial. White teeth are attractive and noticed by many people. I had my teeth whitened by them and recomend them to anyone. Don't waste your money at the Dentist. My teeth whitened 5 shades!

Teresa - Chandler - Arizona

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